The Benefits of owning an MCC Membership

  • Each membership represents one share and one vote at general and special meetings, especially our AGM. Voting privileges take effect 30 days after full membership payment.
  • As a member you help to determine the path and goals of the Co-Op through suggestions, voting or joining our board of directors.
  • Membership product prices are 10% less than for customers who are not members.
  • There are member-only sales and specials.
  • Members can suggest new products for stock.
  • Members can order case-lot and bulk quantities at a further reduced cost.
  • Members enjoy discounts on Co-op sponsored classes, workshops and events.
  • Co-Op space and sponsorship is available for members to hold approved workshops/classes at no cost.
  • Access to newsletters and up to date information.
  • Attend potlucks, bonfires, hikes, and gatherings.
  • MCC membership will never expire

Keeping costs low through volunteerism

Our Co-Op is 100% volunteer run, and although membership does not require that you volunteer, we do welcome it.

There are various ways that you and your household can contribute, be it from home or within the store itself. There is weekly laundering of towels; committing to a 4.5 hour cashier shift; participating in receiving, tagging, and packaging orders; writing an article for the local paper or the newsletter; promoting our co-op through Lumby Days or a Chamber of Commerce event; helping with admin work or creating posters.

There is something for everyone!

The many advantages of volunteering

  • An additional 10% discount on groceries purchased within the week that you contribute 4 hours or more.
  • Cashiers get a $25 voucher for second shift worked in a week, if the store would otherwise be closed.
  • Be a part of the weekly raffle for vendor donated prizes.
  • Fuel reimbursement of $5.00 for pick-up and drop off of deliveries.
  • Fuel reimbursement of $5.00 for shift worked when coming in from out off town.
  • Research shows that volunteering will improve your mental and physical health; make you feel like you have more time; you will feel happier generally and you will be strengthening our community.